Thought leadership

In the following whitepapers you will learn why wholesale distributors have chosen to implement Customer Stratification with StratMax's assistance. And more importantly, you will learn about some of the best practices that improve the benefits from a successful implementation.

Know More, Sell More, Make More

Even your best salespeople can benefit from Customer Stratification. Learn how a successful, established HVAC/R distribution industry salesperson is using Customer Stratification to get great results.

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Salespeople Can't Live Without Insight

It’s easy to overload your salespeople with data.  Many distribution industry salespeople start their days with reports about individual customer’s sales volumes, margins, order histories, and so on. The belief among many well-intentioned sales managers is that more information will help their sales teams succeed. 

The problem is that without context, most routine sales data is not very useful.  Salespeople can easily be overwhelmed with big data. They might lack the time or skills required to analyze the huge amounts of data that distributors’ IT systems generate. An effective stratification of your customers is the solution.

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Not all "C and D" Items Are The Same

Not all customers are the same – some are more profitable to you than others.  You need to know which specific inventory items matter to your most important customers.  For that reason, it follows that not all C and D items are the same.   

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