StratMax Examples

The key to a successful Customer Stratification journey for a wholesale distributor is utilization of the results by the sales team. The results must be clear, easy to use, and intuitive. StratMax has developed cutting edge dashboards that are easy to use based upon our years of experience working with distributor sales teams.

Below are a few interactive examples of the over 20 types of dashboards we deliver in a typical engagement. Each dashboard is designed to provide the wholesale distributor with specific insights from their Customer Stratification results. Click on the arrows in the bottom right hand corner to expand any dashboard to full screen. Explore all of the visuals to see how they interact with each other.

Quadrant Page Example

Insights You Can Pursue With the Quadrant Page

This page shows you the final results for all customers and how they relate to other customers. 

(Go full screen for a better view of all visuals)

  • What are the stratification results for my area of responsibility? (filter by branch or salesperson)
  • Who are the customers within a stratification type? (click on the colored dot to filter by strat type)
  • Which have the largest/smallest revenue or GM%? (sort the GM Pct column in the table)
  • What is the exact Customer Lifetime Value and Net Profitability value for a customer? (hover over any circle or look in table)

factor analysis page example

Insights You Can Pursue With the Factor Analysis Page

This page provides an understanding of the factors and grades that determine a specific customer's stratification label.

 (Go full screen for a better view of all visuals) 

  • What factors have the biggest impact on the customer’s stratification label result?
  • Which factors should I target for improvement or more research?
  • Which factors are we doing well with this customer and we need to do more?

strategies page example

Insights You Can Pursue With the Strategies Page

This page provides successful strategies utilized by distributors that implemented Customer Stratification that StratMax has captured. This is only a sample; StratMax provides over 60 strategies with a full implementation. (Right click on any strategy and select Drillthrough to see a long description of the strategy)

  • What strategies should I pursue by customer stratification type?
  • What strategies should I pursue by owner type (sales or management)?
  • What strategies should I pursue by SPEED strategy type?