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Our Experience


At StratMax we specialize in the development and deployment of strategies that maximize profitability for wholesale distributors. Our strategies are specific to wholesale distributors. And they are based upon our 30+ years experience "walking the talk" as a salesperson, sales manager, and sales leader in the industry. We have been in your sales team's shoes and know the issues a wholesale sales team faces. The successful strategies we deliver drive profitable growth and we are experts at presenting them to your sales team in a way that they can understand and utilize successfully.

Our Approach


We endorse the utilization of the groundbreaking research by The National Association of Wholesalers Customer Stratification: Best Practices for Boosting Profitability that provides the recipe for wholesale distributors to use their ERP data to stratify their customers. At StratMax, we build upon this research utilizing our experience with hundreds of users to provide the best practices for implementation of these research principles. We use a streamlined implementation process that allows you to get up and running within 90 days.  We provide user-friendly, intuitive dashboards that provide actionable insights.

Why Us?


Most distributors don't have the available resources to work on a project of this scale full time. It takes a coordination of sales, operations, IT, marketing, and financial resources to create a comprehensive Customer Stratification model that can be successfully leveraged into actionable information. At StratMax, we know what it takes to build a successful model. We help organize your team and guide them through the step-by-step process. We provide you with the best practices and shared experiences we have gathered from the distributors who have already successfully deployed Customer Stratification.

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If you are a wholesale distributor interested in Customer Stratification, we would love to talk with you. Whether you are just thinking about stratifying your customers, have already started the process, or just want to learn more about the best practices we have discovered feel free to contact us. Email or call us at or 919-864-9479

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