problems customer stratification can help you solve

Sales Force Deployment

  • Ensure your sales team is spending its valuable sales time wisely, doing the right things with the right types of customers based upon the customer’s profitability.
  • Effectively assign sales territories to align with the salespeople's strengths.
  • Provide your sales team with all the interactive information they need about their customers 24/7, wherever they are, on any device, in an easy to learn and use format.

Marketing and Supplier Relations

  • When customers try to beat you down on pricing, negotiate from a position of strength based upon knowing their profitability compared to other customers.
  • Effectively target market specific customers instead of "spray and pray" across all customers.
  • Determine the product lines and items that your customers aren't buying, but should be.


  • Increase your GM% on the least profitable, lowest visibility customers and items without upsetting your most profitable customers.
  • Optimize pricing with visibility and understanding of each individual customer's profitability.
  • Leverage the pricing with your current profitable customers to establish target pricing for new customers.
  • Make better decisions about when to cut the price based on a customer's overall profitability.


  • Optimize your inventory to meet the needs of your best customers while not carrying excess/dead inventory for your low profit customers.
  • Eliminate slow moving C and D items that are only sold to unprofitable customers.


  • Make better decisions about the payment terms you will or will not extend to customers, based upon their profitability, in order to maximize the management of your receivables.
  • Change your culture, so that everyone in your organization understands who your best customers are in order to give them your best service.

Better Business Decisions

  • Leverage the data in your ERP system and transform it into usable information, differentiating yourself from the competition.
  • Get your people to be more analytical without excessive amounts of training, dealing with mountains of reports, or having to understand complex spreadsheets.