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Best Practices in Customer Stratification

 In the wholesale distribution business, you constantly have to demonstrate your value and differentiate yourself from your competition.

One thing that business leaders in this industry universally accept is that not all customers are the same. While this is understood instinctively, how do you go about determining your most profitable customers? And how do you make sure that your sales team is spending the right amount of time, with the right customers, doing the right things?

Customer Stratification can provide the answer to these questions and help drive profitable growth. StratMax is an industry leader in the practical application of Customer Stratification. We provide you the best practices on how to:

  • Objectively and mathematically stratify your customers into logical groups;  
  • Deploy strategies by Customer Stratification type;
  • Drill down into the factors that make up each customer’s ranking;
  • Target specific areas of improvement with your customers to make them more profitable;
  • Improve the quality of your inventory by understanding the percentage of each inventory classification that is sold to each customer type, allowing you to make strategic stocking decisions

John Mansfield - Principal Consultant


StratMax was started in 2014 by John Mansfield, an industry veteran with 32+ years experience, in order to provide wholesale distributors with the leading-edge sales strategies necessary to maximize their profitability. He has captured the best practices of visual-based data discovery that allows sales teams to combine the art and science of selling with Customer Stratification.

Email: john@stratmax.net


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Susan Mansfield - Consultant


Susan Mansfield is a StratMax consultant who specializes in data analysis, visualization development, and accelerated learning of Customer Stratification principles. She has successfully coached and trained numerous sales teams that utilize the StratMax Customer Stratification solution across multiple lines of trade.

Email: susan@stratmax.net